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What is Happy Masks Shop all about?

This whole Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic seems to be hanging around for a while, not miraculously going away anytime soon.

So we figure that we’d better get used to it, adapt our lives to fit it better. And continue to express ourselves despite the challenges.

That’s where Happy Masks comes in! We decided to make face masks more fun, stylish and even enjoyable! Not only to cheer ourselves up but to give those around us more reasons to smile 🙂

happy masks

We want to contribute to a more sustainable culture around the use of non-medical face masks, so all of our face masks are reusable, durable, washable and use replaceable PM2.5 filters.

We’re not taking supplies away from the health system and health workers either. These masks are made specifically for Civilians who want to stay safe and healthy while cutting the spread of Coronavirus. So you can enjoy these masks guilt-free! What could be better?

We’re introducing new designs regularly and would love to hear what you’d like to see in the store.

We have designs for everyone and your kids. (sorry nothing available for babies yet)

We can also provide additional replacement PM2.5 filters in bulk (and we’re looking into auto-ship possibilities).

Did we mention that we encourage all of our customers to donate to COVID-19 charities with each order? So your purchase will be helping the good fight!

Many people have lost their jobs or businesses, so we have set up an affiliate program, where you can earn income by helping us grow and reach more people! You can even sign up as an affiliate before you make your purchase and get your own order for less!

Our Pledge to be ANTI-Price Gouging

We hate opportunists profiting off a crisis as much as you do! So we have pledged to just put on the usual business markups in order to be profitable and replace our lost income from before Corona. While passing on as much benefit as possible to as many people as we can through the affiliate program and donations.

We’re doing our best to keep the prices as low as possible so that more people can afford the masks, but factories are also charging more than before, due to the increase in demand. Remember that if you sign up as an affiliate you can earn commission off your own orders, so you’ll essentially be saving 12.5%